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Transaction Management

The only fully customizable transaction management software in the real estate industry. Run your brokerage your way!

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Transaction Management Made Simple


Create as many offices as you like at no additional cost. Keep track of production office by office, assign Managers, TC's and Admins to any office. BrokerDox can help you organize everything

Unlimited Transactions

Why be concerned about the number of transactions your agents are creating every month? With BrokerDox, you get unlimited transactions no matter what plan your brokerage size demands


There is no limit to the number of Agents, Admins, Managers, TC's etc. that you can add to your account. Don't worry about growing your agent count! BrokerDox has you covered


Easily onboard Agents, Admins, TC's, Managers and more with a simple invitation. Your team can easily figure out the intuitive software. The software was designed to be easy to use for all levels


Know what your agents, office and brokerage wide production, commissions and accounting looks like right from your Admin Dashboard. Run reports to see new transactions and documents at a glance. No more guess work needed. BrokerDox has you covered


Compliance is the heartbeat of the BrokerDox software. You'll see your agents work flow instantly and easily review, approve or disapprove documents with the click of a button. Pop-up notes upon disapproval get added to the transaction and emailed to your agents automatically

Commission Control

Whether you have one commission plan or many, BrokerDox allows you to assign each agent to a plan. Commissions are calculated for each transaction and displayed so that you and your agents can see commissions on all deals whether pending or closed


If your market allows your agents to get paid at the closing table, BrokerDox helps you create CDA's with the click of a button. The CDA is then automatically added to the transaction where it can be downloaded or emailed to any contact in the transaction. A real time saver

See Your Company at a Glance in your
Intuitive Dashboard

Managing Your Agents Has
Never Been Easier

Adding, editing, de-activating and deleting Agents, Managers, Admins, TC’s etc is easy with our User Portal. From your Admin Panel, you can search for any agent, see their personal and license information, production, access their transactions, view their documents and more. Keeping track of your team is easy with BrokerDox.

A Centralized Way To Communicate Via

Your company will have a powerful Community page where your agents can communicate with one another without having to involve the Broker or office staff

Here, agents can announce new listings, open houses, ask questions of the Broker or their fellow agents, refer business, request to sit open houses, recommend vendors and more

Your agents will feel like part of a team with the Community as their place to interact with their fellow agents virtually

Designed For Offices Large and Small
Transaction Management

Within each transaction, you and your agents have the ability to manage: Transaction Detail, Contacts, Commissions, Documents, Timelines, Notes, and an Activity Log.

This is where BrokerDox excels and helps you run your brokerage with minimal support staff. When a transaction is created, you’ll know instantly. When a document is uploaded, you’ll be able to review a full screen PDF of the document with ease. 

You’ll be able to see everyone involved in the transaction, a timeline calendar, notes and an activity log that shows everything that was done inside the transaction, when it was done and the person who completed the task.

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